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How long should hospital records be kept?

How long should hospital records be kept?

Adult Medical Records – 6 years after the last entry or 3 years after death. GP Records – 3 years after death. ERPs must be stored for the foreseeable future. Maternity Records – 25 years after the birth of the last child.

How long are medical records kept in a hospital?

How long are medical records kept? How long do hospitals keep medical records? How long does your health information hang out in a healthcare system’s database? The short answer is most likely five to ten years after a patient’s last treatment, last discharge or death.

Why do hospitals do not have paper records?

With the advent of electronic medical records, many hospitals do not have any paper records. It has become easier for hospitals to maintain records safely. Hospitals also have the responsibility to share medical records with patients while keeping patient confidentiality.

Where can I Find my Old Hospital Records?

Chances are, the hospital will still have your records from 30 years ago. You need to contact the hospital medical records dept. And ask them how to go about obtaining your old records. I would be surprised if they have the records from that far back. Call the medical records department at the hospital.

Can a family member access a hospital record?

You may authorise family members or third parties to access your health records and make decisions on your behalf. For your medical team to effectively treat you during and after your hospital stay, an up-to-date health record (also called a medical record) should be maintained by hospital staff at all times.

When does a hospital have to keep a patient’s medical record?

If a patient dies in the hospital or within 30 days of discharge and is survived by one or more minors who are or claim to be entitled to damages for the patient’s wrongful death, the hospital must retain the patient’s hospital record until the youngest minor reaches age 28. Miss. Code Ann. § 41-9-69(1) (2008).

How long do Hospital records have to be kept in Kentucky?

Kentucky hospitals must maintain inpatient and outpatient records a minimum of five years from the date of discharge, or in the case of a minor, three years after the patient reaches the age of majority under state law, whichever is longer.

What are the laws for medical record retention?

Table A-7. State Medical Record Laws: Minimum Medical Record Retention Periods for Records Held by Medical Doctors and Hospitals* Summary of statutory or regulatory provision by entity. State Doctors Hospitals Medical Alabama As long as may be necessary to treat the patient and for medical legal purposes. Ala. Admin. Code r. 545-X-4-.08 (2007).

How long does a hospital have to retain a medical record in Montana?

Montana hospitals must retain the patient’s entire medical record for at least 10 years following the patient’s discharge or death, or, in the case of a patient who is a minor, for not less than 10 years following the date the patient either attains the age of majority or dies, whichever occurs earlier.