How long does feather edge fencing last?

How long does feather edge fencing last?

A secure and strong fence would not be complete without a gate to match. Jacksons Featherboard gates are made from Jakcured sawn finish softwood, constructed with galvanised bolts and stainless steel nails, all made to the same exceptional quality, guaranteed for 25 years to give you many years of trusty service.

Is feather edge fencing any good?

Perhaps one of the most important benefits that feather edge fence panels offer is their durability. They are made from good quality timber and are shaped to stand tall and strong. The fence will be able to further prove its durability by being well built by the installers (make sure to use a professional company!)

Do you nail through both feather edge boards?

Once the posts are set, you can hammer the nails in fitting the boards without compromising the fit of the posts. Nail the Featheredge Boards in place, first nail in place the 1st two boards at either end, both facing inwards (narrow edge facing inwards).

Is feather edge waterproof?

like how important it is that it is 100% watertight (given that it’s only a gazebo), where the prevailing winds come from, how broad your featherboards are, etc. but you could just try it and see.

Is feather edge cheaper than panels?

The cost of the materials used to produce a featheredge fence is similar to that of purchasing your panels. So to put it in a nut shell feather edge is the way to go if you are looking for a cheap strong alternative to wooden fence panels.

How much do you overlap feather edge boards?

Overlap Consistently The overlapping of the feather edge cladding is very important and must be kept consistent. For boards less than 150mm wide an overlap of 40mm is ideal, but for boards wider than 150mm, 50mm overlap is recommended.

How much do you overlap feather edge?

Feather-edge cladding is designed to be laid horizontally with a vertical overlap of approximately 40mm for boards up to 150mm, and 50mm for boards wider than 150mm.

Can you use screws for feather edge?

The choice is yours. The rails can be screwed into the posts through the sides and supporting brackets can be used to give extra strength. 3 inch number 8 screws are usually needed for this, all timber should be treated. The first feather edge board can then be fixed on the outside of your fence.

Where do you nail feather edge boards?

Feather-edge profiles are generally cut from green (wet) timber and will, as a result, shrink by up to 15mm as the board dries. We recommend that each board is fixed once with a nail located 10mm above the upper edge of the previous board.

Can you use feather edge for a shed?

Often used on cheaper sheds, featheredge (also known as feather edge) shed cladding boards are usually very thin – sometimes as small as 4mm thick. As a result, we don’t recommend sheds with this form of cladding.

Is feather edge fencing cheaper than panels?