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How is the lump sum paid to the Commission?

How is the lump sum paid to the Commission?

The lump sum will be paid by the Commission, if the corresponding work packages of the action have been properly implemented in accordance with Annex 1 of the grant agreement (and provided that all other obligations under the grant agreement have been complied with). 2

How are lump sums paid to the coordinator?

Lump sums whose conditions have been fully met during a reporting period are paid to the coordinator. Lump sums whose conditions have not been fully met during a reporting period are not paid, but could be paid in the subsequent reporting period if the conditions are fully met.

How does compensation work in the insurance market?

In almost all insurance markets, compensation is commonly based on the new replacement value in the event of a claim. Compensation is paid in the amount that must be spent to replace or restore an item of identical type, quality and functionality in new condition. The policyholder is to be recompensed to make it as if no loss had occurred.

Which is the correct formula for pay mix?

Compensation Mix (also known as “Pay Mix”) represents the relationship of base pay and short-term incentives to total cash compensation. This term is commonly used in sales and executive compensation plan design. 100% = (Base Salary / Total Target Compensation) + (Short-Term Incentive / Total Target Compensation)

How does a contractor collect tax from a customer?

As a retailer, the contractor must collect tax from the customer based upon the agreed contract price of the incorporated materials. The tax rate must be applied to the agreed contract price of materials, or to the price of the materials to the contractor, whichever is greater.

When do lump sum contractors have items shipped from outside of Texas?

(iii) When a lump-sum contractor has items shipped to the jobsite from outside of Texas, the contractor is responsible for accruing local taxes based on the location of the jobsite. (iv) The lump-sum contractor must accrue local use tax based on the purchase price of the taxable item.

How does a manufacturer qualify for sales tax exemption?

For a manufacturer to qualify for sales tax exemptions on manufacturing equipment that is installed under a contract to improve real property, the manufacturer must enter into a separated contract. Additionally, the contract must separately state the charge for the qualifying manufacturing equipment.