How do you open Specsp topspin?

How do you open Specsp topspin?

To open an emailed dataset with Topspin, select Open, and when the dialog box comes up, select “Open NMR data stored in special formats”. The default file type is JCAMP- DX, so select OK.

How do you open multiple spectra in topspin?

The Multiple Display module can be accessed by clicking the Topspin icon that shows two spectra on top of each other.

What is phase correction NMR?

Phase correction is the process of mixing the real and imaginary signals in the complex spectrum that is obtained after Fourier transformation of the free induction decay.

How do you stack NMR spectra in TopSpin?

Right-click over the existing spectrum in the display and choose Delete. Then proceed as follows: • In the “Insert New Elements” section, click on the NMR dropdown and select “Stacked 1D spectra”. Click and drag in the layout to define the stacked 1D object.

How do I open a MNova file?

Opening data files: Alternatively find your data in the Windows (or Mac) folder, click-hold and drag onto the MNova icon. This opens MNova and your data in it.

How to do manual processing in topspin 2?

TOPSPIN Processing Manual 2 2. 1D Experiment Processing ¾ Open your spectrum by double clicking on its name in the browser window or dragging it from the browser to the spectral window. ¾ Check the processing parameters in the process parameter window (ProcPars menu) before doing the Fourier transform of the signal.

How to delete an integral in topspin manual 11?

TOPSPIN Processing Manual 11 ¾ In the open window, enter the new value of your integral, and click on OK. ¾ If you want to delete one integral, put your cursor under it, click right and select Delete. ¾ If you want to adjust the slope or the bias of one integral, select it by a right click with the cursor under the integral.

How to add a 1D projection in topspin?

TOPSPIN Processing Manual 17 ¾ Add the correct 1D external projections on each side of the 2D by clicking right on a 1D projection, and select External Projection. ¾ Fill the following window with the user, the name and the experiment number of the 1D experiment, and click on OK.

How to do factor of line broadening in topspin?

TOPSPIN Processing Manual 3 • WDW: Choose EM to apply an exponential multiplication to your FID. • LB: Factor of line broadening for EM. Enter 0.3 as standard for 1H and 2.0 for 13C. ¾ Click on in the icon line to do a Fourier transformation, an automatic phasing and a baseline correction.