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How do you know what size wrap to get?

How do you know what size wrap to get?

A “base size” can be determined by the shortest length of wrap you need to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). This size will allow you to do many full length carries. Every body is different, but most will find their base in the 5 – 7 range. Your child’s size won’t make a noticeable difference in your base size.

How long can you carry a baby in a wrap?

Wraps can typically be used with newborns (as long as they meet the weight requirement) up until your child is 18 months old or so, although parents tend to get the most use out of them in the first several months.

How long is a size 7 Wrap?


Wrap Size Length (Meters) Length (Inches)
Size 5 4.2 meters 165 inches
Size 6 4.6 meters 182 inches
Size 7 5.2 meters 205 inches
Size 8 5.6 meters 221 inches

How much weight can a baby wrap hold?

What is the weight range for your baby wraps? The recommended weight range for the Happy Wrap is 7 – 25 lbs. or until no longer comfortable. No baby is too small – even the tiniest infants can be safely carried in your wrap, just be sure to check with your pediatrician first.

Which is better baby wrap or carrier?

While slings work best for newborns in the cradle position, wraps grow with your child (up to about 35 pounds) since you have options for distributing the child’s weight so that you, the carrier, are most comfortable.

Can I use a ring sling as a rebozo?

The Rebozo Ring Sling is a traditional, easy and safe way to carry your babe. The fabric is flexible, light and comfortable. Not too many steps and is easily adjustable as your baby grows. After little practice, you’ll be able to whip your baby into a Rebozo Ring Sling, just like the Mayan women in Guatemala!

How long is a size 2 Wrap?


Wrap Size Length (Meters) Length (Inches)
Size 1 2.2 meters 87 inches
Size 2 2.6 meters 102 inches
Size 3 3.2 meters 126 inches
Size 4 3.6 meters 142 inches