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How do you get the 5th Jack echo?

How do you get the 5th Jack echo?

ECHO #5, situated on a wind turbine, can be reached by pulling the lever in the nearby shack from which a power line runs to the turbine. This will dislodge a flock of rakk, one of which will drop the ECHO when killed.

Where do I turn in data mining Borderlands 2?

Data Mining

  1. Head over to the Eridium pipeline, and attempt to climb in.
  2. Now make your way to Pump Station 1.
  3. Get on top of it, and turn the wheels to increase Eridium pressure.
  4. Then you have to do it again for the other two Pump Stations.

How do you open Uncle Teddy’s secret lab?

Strategy. Upon reaching T.K. Baha’s House, Una will make contact and say to look for a switch to get into her uncle’s old lab. The chain on the ceiling fan inside the house opens a trap door leading down to the basement.

Who canonically killed Handsome Jack?

If the “vault hunter” doesn’t do anything, she phaseblasts the **** out of him. Makes sense, since she is the one that carved that ugly V symbol on his face.

Is Jack alive in Borderlands 3?

He reappears in the Borderlands 3 DLC Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, where it is revealed that he has been imprisoned on The Handsome Jackpot for seven years following Handsome Jack’s death.

Is the talon of God the last mission?

The Talon of God is the final story mission in Borderlands 2 given by Mordecai. The mission is performed, starting at Sanctuary and continuing in Eridium Blight, Hero’s Pass and Vault of the Warrior locations.

Where is the Hyperion info stockade?

The Hyperion Info Stockade is built above Fyrestone but requires an elevator to ascend to the overpass which is located near the bus stop, and the path there is guarded by multiple JNK Loaders.

How do you get hungry like Skag?

Hungry Like the Skag is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by ECHO Recorder in Arid Nexus – Badlands. It becomes available after Data Mining is complete.

Where can you find Skags in Borderlands 2?

Skags can be found just outside the gate.