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How do you file a small claims suit in Pennsylvania?

How do you file a small claims suit in Pennsylvania?

IN PENNSYLVANIA, small claims cases can be decided by Magisterial District Judges. A case can be filed in Magisterial District Court by any person who thinks he or she has a legal right to recover money from another person, or from a business.

How long do you have to file a civil suit in PA?

Generally speaking, if a lawsuit is to be filed, it must be done within two years of the date the injury-causing event occurred. However, Pennsylvania does have what is known as a discovery rule. This rule can extend the length of time a person has to file suit in some cases.

Can you send a representative to small claims court?

A lay representative or litigant’s friend can present your case in court as long as you the claimant is also present. You should write a letter to the Court when the hearing date is given to give notice to the Court that a lay representative will be presenting your case.

How much does it cost to file in small claims court in Philadelphia?

Small Claims

Small Claims (Includes One Certified Mail Services)
Counterclaim / Crossclaim $25.00
Additional Service per Defendant
Certified Mail $12.00
Personal Service $20.00

How to file in Small Claims Court in Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia County has a separate system called Municipal Court, but the process is for the most part similar to filing in a small claims court elsewhere in the state. 2. Choose the right county to file your claim. The court cannot hear your case unless it has power to order the person you’re suing to pay you.

Can a landlord Sue in Small Claims Court in PA?

Small claims matters are also heard in Philadelphia Municipal Court. Can a landlord bring an eviction lawsuit in a Pennsylvania small claims court? Evictions aren’t heard in the small claims division of Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court.

What’s the small claims dollar limit in PA?

Learn about small claims basics in Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court. What’s the small claims dollar limit in Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court? You can ask for up to $12,000 in the small claims division in Pennsylvania Magisterial District Court—the court that handles small claims matters in Pennsylvania.

Where can I file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

To find the appropriate court, visit the website for the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. A listing of Magisterial District Courts is available at You can find the nearest court and stop in to ask where you should file your lawsuit.

What are the steps to file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

  • Philadelphia Municipal Court and Pittsburgh Municipal Court.
  • has jurisdiction in your case.
  • Filing a Complaint in Small Claims.
  • Filing a Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas.

    Can someone file claim in Small Claims Court?

    All small claims can be filed in person at a small claims court. To get started, download and complete a Plaintiff’s Claim form. Read the Guide to Making a Claim for detailed instructions about what information and documentation you will need to provide when you submit your claim.

    How do I file a small claim online?

    Click on “File a claim” or “Small Claims” on the site you are directed to. Fill out the small claim form. This includes the persons involved; the issue, item, or event that sparked the small claim; and what damages you are seeking. Then click “submit” to file the small claim.

    Can you file small claims against a LLC?

    Can you sue an LLC in small claims court? Yes, as long as it meets the requirements and the financial amount the plaintiff is seeking for damages. The small claims court system was created to allow individuals to settle minor financial and property disputes without a lawyer. The plaintiff and defendant in most instances represent themselves.