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How do you cut down 1000 words?

How do you cut down 1000 words?

The following are some tips for cutting back.Start with the big picture. Look for entire sections first, then paragraphs, sentences, and words. Look for long examples. Summarize, summarize, summarize. Cut out repetition. Chop ancillary topics. Look for unnecessary words (e.g. that or very). Look for colloquial speech.

How do I cut down coursework?

Reduce word count by simplifying your styleDelete adverbs. Adverbs are usually very deletable in academic writing. Delete adjectives. Delete connectives. Delete prepositions. Delete auxiliary verbs. Replace phrases with words. Eliminate redundancy. Reduce the introduction and conclusion.

What is the penalty for going over word count?

Writing more than the required word count If the submission exceeds the word count by up to 10% then there will be no penalty. Submissions that exceed the word count by more than 10% may be penalised, depending on how much they exceed the word count.

Do citations count in word count?

Citations are an essential part of any assignment and therefore included in the word count. A reference list or bibliography is not included in your assignment word count.