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How do you become an ARBA judge?

How do you become an ARBA judge?

Registered at least 35 rabbits or 15 cavies. Secured the endorsement (in writing) of 20 ARBA members in good standing. Once an application for an ARBA Judge’s License has been accepted, each applicant must then: Pass extensive written and oral examinations.

What is an ARBA registrar?

The American Rabbit Breeders Association has a unique and exacting registration system. Each rabbit or cavy must be at least six (6) months of age before it can be inspected by a licensed ARBA Registrar.

What does the ARBA do?

The ARBA serves to promote the domestic rabbit and cavy fancy as well as all facets of the industry including commercial and scientific research facilities.

How many breeds are recognized by the ARBA?

The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 13 breeds of cavies for the purpose of promoting the ethical breeding, showing and improvement of the cavy for exhibition, pet and research animal.

What is a rabbit judge?

When the judge begins evaluating rabbits in a class, he or she generally begins by looking for disqualifications and getting a general idea of the class of rabbits. The judge will check each rabbit’s teeth, nails, gender, and perhaps eyes, testicles or for other disqualifications.

What does a Arba member receive?

Membership in the ARBA includes a membership card, subscription to the ARBA magazine – Domestic Rabbits (published on the 15th of each odd month), the Official Guidebook – Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies (upon initial application), the option of using the Registration and Grand Champion programs, and access to a …

What should I name my Rabbitry?

Cute Rabbitry Names

  • Bunny Magic.
  • Carrot Patch.
  • Beastly Bunny.
  • Fluffy Meadow Ranch.
  • Happy Hares.
  • Hop-A-Longs Ranch.
  • Lil’ Orphan Rabbits.
  • Dr. Benjamin Bunny.

How many rabbits are recognized by the ARBA?

This guide is beneficial to rabbit and cavy (guinea pig) breeders, providing a reference to those interested in understanding the conformation standard for the variety of breeds recognized by the ARBA. ARBA recognizes 50 breeds of rabbit and 13 cavy breeds.

What is a Class 4 rabbit?

CLASS 4 DESIGNATION RABBITS: Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Dutch, other breeds (4-7 lbs.) Netherland Dwarfs, other breeds (under 4 lbs.) Crossbred Rabbits (over 7 lbs.) Crossbred Rabbits (under 7 lbs.)

How do I register my rabbit with Arba?

In order to register your rabbitry or caviary, you must be a member of the ARBA. You would fill out a Rabbitry/Caviary registration form and submit it to the ARBA office. On this form is your information (name and address), and the name of the rabbitry or caviary you wish to register.

How many rabbit breeds are recognized by the ARBA 2021?

How many rabbit breeds are there? The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) currently recognizes 50 unique rabbit breeds as of October 2021.

What do rabbit judges look for?