How do I file a complaint against a doctor in NY?

How do I file a complaint against a doctor in NY?

To discuss filing a misconduct complaint against a physician, physician assistant, or specialist assistant, contact the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, NYS Department of Health, Riverview Center 150 Broadway, Suite 355 Albany, New York 12204-2719. Phone: 518-402-0836 or 1-800-663-6114.

What percentage of Obgyn are sued?

About 63 percent of ob-gyns and general surgeons have ever been sued, compared with 16 percent of psychiatrists and 18 percent of pediatricians.

How can I find a lawsuit against a doctor?

Go to the Federation of State Medical Board’s Physician Data Center website to check the doctor’s basic information including board certifications, education, the listed states where an active license is maintained, and any actions against the doctor.

How long do doctors keep medical records in NY?

six years
Physicians and hospitals are required by state law to maintain patient records for at least six years from the date of the patient’s last visit. A doctor must keep obstetrical records and records of children for at least six years or until the child reaches age 19, whichever is later.

Why are ob GYNs sued the most?

For obstetricians, one of the main reasons for higher lawsuit risks is believed to be associated with an increase in recommending or performing C-sections that are not medically necessary for healthy pregnant women. Other findings indicated that older physicians and male physicians have a higher risk of being sued.

Why is OB Gyn malpractice insurance so high?

Medical malpractice insurance is different for OB/GYNs. OB/GYNs pay high malpractice insurance premiums due to the high-risk nature of birth and delivery. Having robust medical malpractice insurance from an A-rated carrier is the surest way to protect you from lawsuit damages, attorney fees, and more.

Does my doctor have malpractice suit against him?

To find out if any malpractice lawsuits have been filed against a physician, call the county clerk’s office where he or she practices, as well as the state medical licensing board and the state insurance department (you can ask the latter if any claims are on record for the doctor).

How long do you have to sue for medical malpractice in NY?

two years and six months
New York’s statute of limitations for medical, dental or pediatric malpractice is two years and six months from the date of malpractice or from the end of continuous treatment by the party you plan to sue for alleged negligence. That gives you 30 months to file a civil suit for monetary damages.