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How do I evict a roommate in Tennessee?

How do I evict a roommate in Tennessee?

The simplest option might be for a master tenant to simply have a heart-to-heart talk with the roommate and ask her to leave. The master tenant should draw a line in the sand, a specific date by which they’d like the roommate to vacate, and confirm the conversation, the date, and the reason for the request in writing.

Can you kick a dangerous roommate out of your home?

If your roommate is violent or temperamental, you need to be careful when kicking them out of your home. Kicking out a dangerous roommate involves careful planning and awareness of your legal rights as far as your rental agreement goes.

Is it legal for a roommate to move out?

Roommate conflict is always unpleasant, especially since you share living space. If you’ve tried and failed to resolve your issues, it’s understandable you’d want your roommate to move out. Unless your roommate is willing to leave, however, your legal options for hastening his departure are often limited by your state’s landlord-tenant laws.

What happens if a judge rules against your roommate?

Bring any evidence you have that supports your case. Your roommate will be allowed to continue living in the rental unit if the judge rules against you. Otherwise, your roommate will be given a certain amount of time to move out. This can be as short as three days in some states.

What to do if your roommate refuses to leave your house?

Call the police to enforce the eviction. After you’ve served your roommate with an eviction notice and a judge has ordered your roommate to leave and they’ve still refused, you’ll have to call the police to enforce the eviction. Do not try to physically remove your roommate on your own.

Is it legal to kick out a roommate?

Whether or not you can legally kick out a roommate depends on several factors—including whether or not they’re on the lease. An estimated 30% percent of people between the ages of 23 and 65 live with roommates. No big surprise there—it’s a great way to save money and stay social if you’d rather not live alone.

What happens if you violate a roommate agreement?

If you put something in your roommate agreement that violates a lease term on something like deposits or pets, it won’t be valid. Also remember that a roommate agreement is no more than an agreement among roommates.

What should I do if my roommate is subletting from me?

If your roommate is subletting from you, you may have a written sublease agreement outlining their duties and responsibilities as a roommate. If your roommate moved in after you signed the lease, you may have a written roommate agreement or a simple, verbal agreement holding them responsible for paying their half of the rent.

Can a roommate change the locks on Your House?

As for legal rights, it’s a bit complicated, though you should know up front that your under no circumstances can your roommate legally change the locks or throw your stuff out on the curb. (If they do, you’ve got a wrongful eviction case on your hands, says Steve Wagner, a real estate attorney with Wagner Berkow .)