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How can I protect my hair during rainy season?

How can I protect my hair during rainy season?

How To Take Care Of Hair In Monsoon?

  1. Protect Your Hair From Rainwater. The rainwater is often acidic or dirty which can harm your hair.
  2. Establish A Proper Hair Wash Routine.
  3. Keep Your Hair Dry.
  4. Use The Right Comb.
  5. Keep Your Hair Short.
  6. Adopt A Hassle-free Hairstyle.
  7. Follow A Proper Diet.
  8. Show Some Extra Love To Your Hair.

Which hair oil is best in rainy season?

4 Oils that will make your hair monsoon ready and nourish it right for the season

  • Coconut Oil. Although undervalued by many, the advantages of coconut oil remain unparalleled.
  • Bhringraj Oil and Onion Seeds Oil.
  • Aloe Vera & Neem Oil.
  • Moroccan Oil & Bhui Amla Oil.

Should I oil my hair in rainy season?

It is recommended to oil the hair at least twice a week during the monsoon. If you sweat or your hair is wet due to other reasons, you should naturally dry your hair whenever it is wet. Try to avoid blow-dryer or other styling devices as much as possible. Diet- Keep an eye on your diet as well.

How do you dry your hair on a rainy day?

Trevor says: “Blow-dry hair as soon as possible; the quicker it goes from wet to dry, the easier it is to control the frizz.” If you’re been caught out in the rain with no hair-dryer to be found, apply this technique by getting under a hand-dryer. The downwards-facing nozzle should help smooth your cuticles.

Is hair fall normal during rainy season?

But, our hair isn’t as happy as the excessive moisture in the environment during monsoon makes them brittle and frizzy often leading to hair fall — which is one of the most common problems during the rainy season, coupled with dull hair and dandruff.

Does hair fall increase in rainy season?

In more than 90% of people, hair fall increases by almost 30% during the monsoons. Hair loss increases during monsoons because of the increased humidity in the atmosphere, dry scalp, dandruff, and contact with acidic rainwater.

Which season does hair fall most?

This common phenomenon is known as seasonal shedding. The exact cause of seasonal shedding is unclear, but studies show that seasonal loss affects more women than men and occurs most often during the fall months, like September and October, and sometimes in the spring, April and May.

Does hair fall during rainy season?

Is Hairfall normal in rainy season?

Hair fall is one of the most common problems during the rainy season but with some extra care, you can significantly reduce it. However, with some extra care, you can significantly reduce hair fall this season and keep your locks healthy. “Taking care of your hair becomes much more difficult during the rainy season.

Can I apply mustard oil on hair?

Most people can safely use mustard oil on the hair and skin. Mustard oil can add moisture to your hair and scalp. It may also help reduce scalp inflammation or irritation. As with other natural oils you may be sampling for the first time, do a patch test before you use mustard oil as a hair or scalp treatment.

How can I Weatherproof my hair?

1. Add volume

  1. Lock in moisture. One of the most common rain-induced woes is frizz but its habitual presence in our lives doesn’t have to be guaranteed.
  2. Comb, don’t brush.
  3. Blow-dry as soon as you’re out of the shower.
  4. Use a hair masque overnight.

Does rain make hair dirty?

If you thought that there is no big deal about getting your hair wet in the rain, think again. Rain water is usually high in acidity level (and not to mention, dirty). You want to keep your hair dry whenever possible.