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How can I negotiate with an auto dealer?

How can I negotiate with an auto dealer?

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How does a car flipper become the new owner?

They leave the buyers info on the title blank so they can fill in the name of the person they sell it to. When a car flipper buys a car he IS the new legal owner. EVERY state requires a new owner to register the vehicle, get a new title, get tags and pay fees and taxes. To not do this is tax evasion.

Is it illegal to flip a car without a dealer license?

So here are the facts Jack…. Flipping cars is illegal! To buy and sell cars, for profit, without a dealer license, is illegal in EVERY state. States MAY allow a small number of sales without a license. This is usually 3-6 in a 12 month period. Check your state’s requirements!!!!!!!! Many states set the number at absolute ZERO.

What should I do before opening a car dealership?

Before you open a car dealership, think carefully through the entire process. Perform market research. The first step in any business venture is to determine if there is a demand for your product or service. Once you determine the demand, you need to consider how your company might attract some of that customer demand.

How to determine the location of a car dealership?

Determine the number of cars sold in your area. Assume, for example, that the typical car buyer is willing to visit a dealership within 10 miles (16.1 km) of their home. Try to determine the number of cars sold within a 10-mile radius of your proposed car dealership.

What’s the best way to open a Honda dealership?

Assume that you want to open a Honda dealership. Do some research to determine the type of people who buy a Honda. You may find that the ideal Honda customer is a male between the ages of 27 and 50 years old. That customer is a white-collar professional with an above-average level of income.

How does a franchisor help a Honda dealership?

The franchisor (Honda) grants you the right to use the Honda logo and other marketing tools to operate a franchise. You will participate in local advertising and promotion of Honda cars. The franchisor will also agree on a process to supply your dealership with Honda cars.