How big is the global market research industry?

How big is the global market research industry?

73.4 billion U.S. dollars
The global revenue of the market research industry exceeded 73.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, growing more than twofold since 2008. In 2018, North America generated the largest share of market research revenue, representing 54 percent of the total, followed by Europe with 26 percent.

Where can I find market research reports?

The Best Sites for Market Research

  • SBA’s Office of Entrepreneurship Education Resources.
  • Pew Research Center.
  • Statista.
  • Google Surveys.
  • Alexa Tools.
  • Google Trends.
  • Social Mention.

How much is the market research industry worth?

Global market research industry worth $76bn.

What is an industry research report?

An industry analysis report is a document that evaluates a given industry and the companies involved in it. In addition, this type of report allows investors, bankers, customers to understand the makeup of an industry.

Is market research a dying industry?

The State Of Market Research Market research is one areas of our industry that’s suffered greatly from the rise of digital marketing. And if you look at Google Trends, worldwide interest in market research has declined by nearly 80% since 2004. Sadly, Kantar may just be one of the best brands in a dying category.

Which industries spend the most on market research?

The biggest market research spenders by industry are as follows. Others like Government or Non-Profit Organizations (8%), Financial Services/Bank (7%), Telecoms and Wholesale/Retail (5%), Consumer Durables (4%), Research Institutes (3%), Automotive (6%), Advertising Agencies (2%), Utilities (1%), Other (8%).

Where can I find industry reports for free?

Complete List of Free Market Research Tools & Resources

  • Cori Contract Library. CORI is a digital library of contract information that contains over 690,000 contract items.
  • Free Patents Online (FPO)
  • Google Trends.
  • SEC Public Filings.
  • Statista.
  • Think with Google.
  • Thomas Net.
  • US Copyright Catalog.

Where can I find industry research?

Industry Sources: U.S. Government

  • Census Bureau: best for all industries and sectors (see a separate tab for more information)
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis: their data is presented in terms of national accounts.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: the source for Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Indexes.

How do I do an industry report?

How do you do an industry analysis?

  1. Conduct background research. Conduct detailed background research on your industry and competitors to understand your market.
  2. Collect your data. Collect data that helps answer questions about the market and your competitors.
  3. Analyze your data.
  4. Write your analysis.
  5. Evaluate your business.

What should be included in an industry report?

A description of the industry and the market. This should include information about projected growth, potential changes in consumer demand, and anticipated trends or cycles that could affect product performance. Describe your customers. Describe the customer need that the product or service satisfies.

What is the future of market research?

The future of the market research industry is full of challenges and opportunities. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable faster analytics and report creation.