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Does WeatherBeeta make Saxon?

Does WeatherBeeta make Saxon?

This WeatherBeeta® Saxon Gusseted Fly Sheet with Standard Neck offers protection from insects using a lightweight, fine-weave mesh. Shoulder gussets for freedom of movement, fleece wither relief and tail flap.

Are WeatherBeeta blankets waterproof?

WeatherBeeta offers high-quality, comfortable, and durable protective products for horses. These include waterproof, weather-resistant blankets to shield your horse from the elements.

Where are WeatherBeeta horse blankets made?

We test our products out in the field on real horses, in real conditions – from the coldest UK winters, through the Canadian Spring and extreme Australian Summer – to enhance the performance of our blankets and ensure they meet the strictest quality standards for strength, durability and waterproofness.

What is the difference between a turnout blanket and stable blanket?

The major difference between a stable blanket (or rug or sheet) and a turnout is that stable blankets are not waterproof. So unless you live in a desert, your horse will need a turnout when he is outside. Or some larger barns have turnout sheets or blankets that they rotate among horses for their brief turnout.

Is WeatherBeeta a good brand?

Weatherbeeta heritage, quality & innovation… WeatherBeeta is a pioneer in the industry being one of the first to use synthetic material in horse blankets and dog coats. WeatherBeeta’s experience, technology, design and quality have made us a global brand that horse and dog owners love and trust.

Where is WeatherBeeta located?

Edison, New Jersey
*Weatherbeeta USA Inc., located at 201 Mill Road, Edison, New Jersey, 08837 is the distributor of the WeatherBeeta brand in the USA.

Can you wash WeatherBeeta dog coat?

Machine wash the coat on a gentle, delicate cycle using a mild soap or reputable and recommended coat cleaning wash. (Always follow the manufacturer’s proofing instructions). Please do not use detergents or fabric conditioners as you risk compromising your WeatherBeeta’s unique waterproof and breathable coating.

How do you clean WeatherBeeta?


  1. Remove excess dirt.
  2. Hand wash at a cool temperature using a non-biological soap (washing in high temperatures can damage the waterproof nature of the fabric).
  3. Drip dry. Do not tumble dry.
  4. Always store in a cool, dry place.

Can you use a turnout blanket as a stable blanket?

For waterproof protection, some owners will layer a turnout sheet over their horse’s stable blanket when the horse is outside. Turnout Blankets – Turnout blankets combine the warmth of a stable blanket with the waterproofing of a turnout sheet.

What is the difference between 600d and 1200d horse blankets?

Essentially the higher the Denier number, the thicker the weave, the stronger the material. A 1200 Denier horse rug will cost you around 15% more than a 600 Denier – but a 1200denier will generally be much more durable and potentially have a longer life.

Is WeatherBeeta Australian?

Who makes Saxon horse blankets?

WeatherBeeta Saxon
The WeatherBeeta line of Saxon equine turnout blankets and turnout sheets for horses offers lightweight turnout blankets at cheap prices.