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Does OSPW really work?

Does OSPW really work?

CeramicSpeed claims the OSPW can save you between 2-4W over a stock Shimano Dura-Ace derailleur cage system (at 250W, 90rpm), and that figure progressively improves the worse your chain maintenance and selection of chain lubricant is (or as it wears off and gets contaminated toward the end of a race).

What does OSPW mean?


Acronym Definition
OSPW Old School Pro Wrestling, Inc. (Buffalo, NY)
OSPW Oud Studenten Politieke Wetenschappen (Dutch: Former Student Political Science)

What is the purpose of OSPW?

“There’s a couple of ways the OSPW reduces friction. In other words, it’s part of a system. The biggest factor is the larger pulley wheels. The less amount a chain has to articulate as it engages and disengages the pulley wheels, the less friction is produced.

Do you need a longer chain for OSPW?

A standard chain will be long enough to fit the new OSPW System. You will need to remove fewer, if any, links when installing a new standard chain.

What is oversize pulley for?

It handles shifting too and it’s important to keep the derailleur on the bike when making a sharp right in a crit race, maybe a bit too close to a curb. This is where things get interesting: oversized pulleys mean a longer distance between the center of the pulley and where the chain runs.

What does oversize pulley do?

What does an oversize pulley do?

Do I need a longer chain for oversized jockey wheels?

Oversized pulleys do not require a new chain – Since the added length in the chain is only about 2 teeth, typically you can run oversized pulleys without having to replace your chain. One nearly unavoidable downside of oversized derailleur cages remains the need for a longer chain.

Are both jockey wheels the same?

The features of each jockey wheel are slightly different. While both appear similar on most systems, generally featuring plastic teeth and a bearing on which the wheel turns, the guide pulley wheel often features more lateral play.