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Does Orbx vector affect FPS?

Does Orbx vector affect FPS?

global and vector seem to have little to no fps impact they are working great.

What is FTX Global Vector?

FTX Global VECTOR is a partnership project between Orbx and Austrian company PILOT’S. The version of Vector you have is the download-only version exclusive to Orbx and specifically designed to work with both FTX Global BASE and FTX Global openLC as part of a total simulator overhaul.

What is FTX Orbx?

Orbx FTX Global changes ALL of your default FSX ground and autogen textures, landclass and in some cases ground mesh into their own high-definition images and higher Level of Detail (LOD) mesh.

What does Orbx Global do?

Simply put, it transforms the washed out bland textures of the default palette into the vibrant, rich and appealing Orbx landscape – all with a simple and quick installation. But the Orbx team did not stop with just new textures. Global is Orbx’s No1 bestselling product- Upgrade your sim TODAY!

What is Orbx open LC?

Orbx Global openLC as the name suggests, replaces the default landclass layer with higher detailed and a better variety of land types. It has been specifically designed to work with both Orbx Global Base and Orbx Global Vector as part of the total simulator overhaul.

What are Orbx libraries?

Orbx Central libraries work with Aerofly FS 2, Prepar3D, X-Plane 11, and Microsoft Flight Simulator. When installing a product you are prompted to install it either into the simulator folder or your Orbx Central main library.

What is Orbx global base pack?

Global BASE Pack $90.90 AUD The best place to start upgrading your sim! Provides you with brand new textures and autogen for the entire planet in a single quick install. The #1 selling Orbx product!

Does Orbx work with p3d v5?

A version of Orbx Central is now in Fastlane (public beta). This new version allows installation into Prepar3D v5. If you haven’t already, you can opt-in to Fastlane.

Where is Orbx located?

We are Orbx. With over 30 staff in Australia, UK and other parts of the world, Orbx is a favourite provider of simulation experiences.

What is a global base?

Global Base is an Hong Kong based “Product Sourcing & Design” company, established solely for the purpose of fulfilling requirements of buyers world wide who would like to have a full solution of Design and Buying from all over Asia.

How do I install Orbx products?

Getting Orbx Central to recognise Prepar3D v5

  1. You must opt-in to our beta program – Fastlane.
  2. Start Orbx Central.
  3. Go to Settings -> General.
  4. For all Prepar3D v5 compatible products, you can just click on them as usual, then press “install”.
  5. Make sure you install the Orbx Libraries in Central.

What do you need to know about Orbx FTX global?

O ne add-on seen as a must-have by much of the flight simulator community for FSX and P3D is Orbx’s “FTX Global”. What FTX Global does is it change all of the default sceneries within FSX and P3D to produce a much more realistic representation of the world, without the need for VFR scenery, which would be almost impossible to do on a global scale.

What do you need to know about FTX global vector?

FTX Global Vector is a vector scenery add-on that changes (or adds) the following:

How much does an Orbx base pack cost?

What I like most is the ability to install new ORBX airports over FTX Global – I recently reviewed one of these airports – Palm Springs (6*). You can buy FTX Global base Pack (check the product page) at the FlightSimStore for 99,95 Australian Dollars – 66 Euro or 71 USD (at current rates – November 2015).

What are the textures in the new Orbx simulator?

While the default simulator just had ‘Africa’ and ‘Europe’ textures per se, the new Orbx set breaks it down into smaller areas for example ‘Central Africa’ and ‘Continental Europe’.