Does Nick Popovich still repo planes?

Does Nick Popovich still repo planes?

Nick Popovich is an aircraft-repossession specialist in Indiana. Since 1979, Popovich and his team have repossessed 1,986 planes and helicopters. This is what his job is like, as told to freelance writer Jenny Powers.

Who is Popovich Airplane Repo?

He’s been called the “super repo man” and once starred in the first season of a Discovery Channel reality show called Airplane Repo. From Australia they flew to Mojave, where the bank had prearranged storage, and Popovich collected his check. “That paid a lot more than I expected,” he says.

What happened to Kevin Lacey?

Season two of Airplane Repo finished in October 2014. At just 20 years old Lacey rebuilt his own aircraft. He has done over 450 repos around the world. Lacey resides in McKinney, Texas where he co-owns the business Texas Air Fleet/Rangers.

How much do repo pilots make?

To supplement their income, some of those pilots have done a little freelance work on the side—and when you have a skill set as specialized as theirs, airline repossession is a natural fit. For the work, pilots get anywhere from $500 to $1,700 per day—plus expenses.

How many planes get repossessed every year?

Mr. Hill, who lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., said he typically repossessed about 30 planes a year, ranging from propeller-powered Piper trainers to twin-engine Gulfstream business jets.

Does Kevin Lacey still repo airplanes?

Kevin Lacey doesn’t just repossess planes for a living, but he fixes them as well, which also helps to supplement his income. His company, Texas Air Fleet, also performs a variety of other technical services for various aircrafts — from commercials planes to smaller jets.

Is Airplane Repo show fake?

Many have charged that the show’s supposed usage of security footage and other raw found footage-style shots is actually highly staged. In reality, Popovich himself has stated that later episodes of the show are not realistic. The further into Airplane Repo you go, the less realistic the show becomes.

Is Airplane Repo a fake show?

Regarding Airplane Repo, some later episodes of the show are staged, as said by Nick Popovich of the show himself. As we can see, the repossession of an expensive aircraft often requires a lot of detective work when the bank-appointed professional shows up on the airport property.

Are repo shows fake?

Is airplane repo show fake?