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Can you swim in Lake DeGray?

Can you swim in Lake DeGray?

A favorite of park guests and locals alike is the sand beach of DeGray Lake Resort State Park located at the Caddo Bend day use area. The sand beach is perfect for family outings. There is a designated swimming area off limits to personal watercraft and boats.

Is DeGray Lake open?

Please note: The amenities and activities within DeGray Lake Resort State Park are open to campers, as well as the public, with the exception of the pool, hot tub and fitness center at DeGray Lodge. Camping guests are invited to use our public beach areas for lake swimming.

What city is DeGray Lake in Arkansas?

DeGray Lake is located on State Scenic 7 Byway eight miles north of Arkadelphia (Exit 78 off I-30 at Caddo Valley/Arkadelphia) and 29 miles southwest of Hot Springs, Arkansas’s leading tourist destination and home to Hot Springs National Park and many other attractions.

Is DeGray Lake Resort pet friendly?

The lodge is a 100-percent smoke-free facility. Complimentary use of 10 amp charging pedestals is available for lodge guests with boats. Pet Policy: A limited number of dog-friendly rooms are available and must be reserved in advance.

Is Lake Greeson manmade?

Lake Greeson is a man-made lake and has the only all-concrete dam within the Vicksburg District. The lake is approximately 12 miles long and is surrounded by 15,842 acres of federally administered public lands. The project offers a wide array of recreational opportunities.

Can you swim in Mirror lake Arkansas?

Camping, picnic areas, hiking trails and creek swimming holes are popular with visitors. The lake is restocked periodically and all state fishing laws apply.

Can you camp on islands on DeGray Lake?

Lenox Marcus is the only free camping on DeGray Lake. People love to camp out here for the quiet and the great fishing.

Is DeGray Lake clean?

DeGray Lake ranked as one of cleanest lakes in the nation consists of 13,400 acres of extremely clear water.

What is the deepest lake in Arkansas?

Lake Ouachita
The lake is located near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Lake Ouachita is the largest lake completely in Arkansas, as the larger Bull Shoals Lake extends into Missouri….

Lake Ouachita
Surface area 40,000 acres (16,000 ha)
Average depth Avg 50 ft (15 m)
Max. depth 406 ft (124 m)
Shore length1 690 mi (1,110 km)

What is under Lake DeGray?

reregulation dam
A reregulation dam forms a 400-acre impoundment below the main lake, providing a supply of water that can be pumped back into DeGray Lake during times of drought and used again for hydropower generation and to provide a steady flow of water on the Caddo River.

How do you fish in Lake degray?

DEGRAY LAKE Bass fishing is fair between Arlie Moore and Point Cedar on main lake points close to deep water. Throw medium-running crank baits — lipped and lipless — across major points and parallel to the bluff banks. Also try Texas rigged worms worked slowly in the same areas.

Can you swim in Lake Greeson?

Lake Greeson is a man-made lake originally created as a flood control and hydropower project by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1947-1950. The wide variety of recreational opportunities available on and near the lake include boating, swimming, hiking, fishing, and camping.