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Can you stay in Costa Rica for 90 days?

Can you stay in Costa Rica for 90 days?

It should be noted that the 90 days is not a given. Your passport will be noted with the number of days you can stay in the country and it is at the full discretion of the immigration official that stamped your passport. So let’s hope he or she liked your face.

How often do tourists have to leave Costa Rica?

At times it can seem a bit mind boggling that a country like Costa Rica that is driven by tourism forces it’s perpetual tourists to leave every 90 days, but that is the law. It seems simple enough right? Believe it or not this is one of the most controversial topics among residents and tourists.

What are the residency requirements for Costa Rica?

The majority of application for Costa Rican residency will fall into the Temporary Residency category which is regulated by Article 79 of the Immigration Law and has the following subcategories: (1) The Spouse of a Costa Rican citizen as set forth in Article 73 of the law.

How to change your status in Costa Rica?

If you are located in Costa Rica and are elgible to apply within Costa Rica then you can do so by paying an additional $200 change of status fee. The only requirement that you need to satisfy to apply from Costa Rica is that you are in the country with a valid tourist visa at the time of application.

Is it illegal to live in Costa Rica for 90 days?

Tourists who live in Costa Rica and renew their entrance permit every 90 days are often called perpetual tourists. Perpetual tourism is not illegal, but it is not a form of legal residency. Perpetual tourists are not allowed to legally work in Costa Rica.

How many days can you stay in Costa Rica?

If you were granted a 90 day visa this is the maximum time allowed by law. If you want to stay in Costa Rica longer then you have leave the country and then come back in to get another 90 days. If you were given a 30 day visa then you can renew that in Costa Rica up to the maximum of 90 days.

How often do you have to leave Costa Rica for duty free?

However, customs requires 72 hours to reset your duty free exemption so if you want to stock up on liquor or refrigerators you’ll have to spend three days outside Costa Rica. You absolutely have to leave the country every 90 days or less.

Can You overstay your 90 day visa in Costa Rica?

Border runs are what most people opt for. Some choose to ignore the stamp in their passport and just go along there merry way. Overstaying your 90 day limit is not advisable for a variety of reasons, but let’s go over what a border run entails. It should be noted that the 90 days is not a given.