Can you contact a judge outside of the courtroom?

Can you contact a judge outside of the courtroom?

If you are currently in a case, you are not permitted to contact a judge outside of the courtroom. Instead of contacting the judge directly, you can file a written motion. This ensures all parties have the same information available to them as the judge.

What happens if the Justice Court makes an error?

If either the landlord or the tenant believes that the justice court made an error in granting or denying an eviction, either party can “appeal” the justice court’s decision (in other words, ask a higher court to review and reverse the decision of the justice court).

When to contact a judge for a restraining order?

Contact a judge regarding an emergency request for a restraining order. The other instance in which a judge will accept ex parte communication involves emergency situations regarding restraining orders. If you in need of a temporary restraining order out of fear of your safety, you can call or write a judge explaining the circumstances.

When does a judge order inpatient civil commitment?

Inpatient civil commitment is a process in which a judge orders hospital treatment for a person who continues to meet the state’s civil commitment criteria after the emergency evaluation period.

Why was Justice Alito in the Pennsylvania case?

Alito, acting on his own, said he was motivated in part by the Republicans’ assertion that they can’t be sure elections officials are complying with guidance issued by Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat. The justice handles emergency appeals from Pennsylvania.

Why did the judge order Jill to move?

When the court looks to each parent’s motives, they are looking for any evidence that one of the parents might be acting in bad faith, or simply trying to make life hard for the other parent or simply to interfere with the established parenting time. In this case, the judge found that Jill wanted to move to live with her fiancé.

What was the judge’s ruling in the BART Case?

Bart was nine and the judge talked with Bart in the judge’s office. (Also, known as “in chambers.”) The judge did not report what Bart stated and did not give either parent any favor for this point. The judge next considered with Jill’s income would be enhanced.