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Can you buy house if you have judgement against your name?

Can you buy house if you have judgement against your name?

No you can’t, thats the real issue. Dude, a R735K house will require you to cough up R32K in fees and that is if you’re lucky to get a 100% bond. A sub R600K house is still going to cost R20K plus in legal fees and thats cash.

What to do if you have a judgement against your name?

You will need an attorney to got to court and get the judgment recinded. That is th eonly way. If the judgment was in a High court, you will need an advocate, but the chances of the High court recinding a judgment are next to zero. Hahahaha. Is this a joke? You can’t pay 15k but want a house? Are you julius malema?

Can a seller not pay a judgment lien?

On the other hand, it has been my experience that sellers are required to pay their judgments. Sellers are generally not given an option whether or not to pay judgment liens because it is the seller’s obligation to provide the buyer with clear and marketable title at conveyance.

Is it true that someone wants to buy my house?

Next, look into who, exactly, wants to buy your home. While there’s a chance a stranger strolling down the street fell in love with your house and simply had to make an offer to buy it, there’s a better chance of this happening in a movie plot than in reality. Most likely, an individual investor or a home buying company is behind the offer.

Can you buy a house with a judgement?

Either buying a house or refinancing one, the judgment will be reviewed in the same fashion. The underwriter (decision maker) is looking for any potential signs of a disregard for financial obligations or possible signs of blatant inability to manage debts.

Can a judgement lien be placed on a property?

As defined by Nolo, judgment liens are placed on your property title by the court of law to satisfy an unsecured debt. As a last resort, creditors filed a claim with the courts to make sure they get paid by the judgment debtor. Some liens fall under state law.

Do you need a judgement to get a mortgage loan?

A judgement, a court ordered nightmare that if not handled correctly can make getting a mortgage loan much more stringent than it otherwise needs to be. What you’re lender will want want… Judgment -a court ordered debt that can arise from a number of factors, a lawsuit, a divorce, business dispute to name a few. Judgments are public record.

What to do if you have a judgment against you?

If you want to get a mortgage, you’re going to have to deal with the judgment. Try to Get the Judgment Vacated If you disagree with the judgment against you, you can ask the court to vacate the judgment. If it does, the judgment goes away as if it never happened.