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Can you beat Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit?

Can you beat Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit?

Tranzit is one of the hardest zombie maps to complete and you’re going to need a few friends to help you out here. In order to complete Tranzit you’re going to need to have 4 players in the game.

How do you obey the voices in TranZit?

The player must “obey the voices”, in TranZit. There are two ways of completing this easter egg, both of them must be done in the Original difficulty setting. One way is by listening to Dr. Maxis, and can be done only when the power on the map is turned off.

Is Nacht in TranZit?

The building from Nacht der Untoten makes a cameo appearance in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies map Green Run on TranZit, as “The Prototype”. The structure can be found within the cornfield between the Farm and Power Station, and Denizens do not spawn inside or around the bunker.

Where does Nacht der Untoten take place?

Nacht der Untoten, German for “Night of the Undead”, takes place in a dilapidated building somewhere in Germany. This building is nearly identical to one of the buildings on the multiplayer map “Airfield”.

How do you kill Avogadro in bo2?

Defeating him without taking any damage will unlock the achievement / trophy called You Have No Power Over Me. To do this, you will need an EMP Grenade. But, to kill him permanently you will need to use the Thrustodyne Aeronautics model 23. Doing this in a certain spot is also part of the Easter Egg, Tower of Babble.

How do you spawn Avogadro?

Avogadro spawns when the power is first turned on at the Power Plant. Afterwards, it has the ability to appear at any point on the map. It attacks players with bolts of electricity. Without Juggernog, a single hit from the Avogadro’s attack will nearly down the player.

How many maps are there in Black Ops?

There are currently just 11 maps in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer. 9 of those maps accommodate the regular 6v6 and 12v12 gameplay, with two being included in the Fireteam mode. It’s important to note that maps such as Armada and Crossroads have 12v12 variants that are much larger than their 6v6 counter-parts.

Is there nuke in Black Ops 2?

Black Ops 2 was very different because at first there seemed to be no nuke killstreak. There were no options for it in the scorestreaks menu. However there is a nuke killstreak which is at first hidden.

How many missions in Call of Duty Black Ops 2?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Campaign Challenges Guide. The campaign has 11 missions, each of which have about ten challenges that can be completed. You are rewarded for completing two challenges as well as five challenges from the list.