Can you apply for an exemption from quarantine in Hawaii?

Can you apply for an exemption from quarantine in Hawaii?

From this site, travelers entering the State of Hawaiʻi can apply for a limited exemption from the mandatory 10-day self-quarantine. Under Governor Ige’s emergency proclamation, all travelers entering the State of Hawaiʻi must self-quarantine for 10 days, unless they obtain an exemption.

When did the quarantine period in Hawaii end?

Hawaii finally introduced a pre-travel testing option in mid-October. By December, the quarantine period in Hawaii for travelers who did not use the pre-arrival testing option was reduced from 14 to 10 days, following the adjusted CDC guidance. Then, the islands began to introduce their own policies about reopening.

What is an example of a travel quarantine exemption?

Examples include: Contract/work order or invoice from Hawai’i business, or letter from Hawai’i business that indentifies you and/or your employer and describes the work that you will be performing in Hawai’i. No Guarantee of Approval. An application does not mean or guarantee you will receive any exemption.

Do you need a PCR test to travel to Hawaii?

The state’s pre-travel testing program requires all visitors to take a nucleic acid amplification test, such as a PCR test, from an approved testing partner within 72 hours and obtain results before departure to Hawaii. That’s the only way to bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Does Hawaii have quarantine?

Hawaii’s original quarantine law, imposed in 1912 to keep rabies off the islands, required all animals entering Hawaii to be kept at the state quarantine facility for four months. In 1997, the rules were revised to cut that stay to 30 days for animals with the required shots.

Is Hawaii safe to visit?

Hawaii Is Still Safe to Visit Despite the Kilauea Volcano Eruption . There may be a volcano eruption but Hawaii is still safe to visit. It is only a 10-square mile section of residential housing that has been affected by the lava, according to authorities.

Can you still visit Hawaii?

Yes, It’s Still Safe to Visit Hawaii During the Volcanic Eruption 1. Air quality is safe everywhere that you’re allowed to go 2. The Big Island is huge and the lava area is small 3. On the other islands, it’s paradise as usual 4. Summer is one of the nicest times to visit Hawaii 5. Hawaii needs you

What are the requirements to go to Hawaii?

Though U.S. citizens and legal residents don’t need a passport to travel to Hawaii, a government-issued photo identification is required for adult travelers age 18 and older. A couple of examples of government-issued photo identification include driver’s license and passport. See this TSA link for other valid forms of identification.