Can I switch orthodontists during treatment?

Can I switch orthodontists during treatment?

Most patients remain with the same orthodontist throughout the entirety of their treatment plan, but yes, switching orthodontists during braces or Invisalign is possible! Switching to a new orthodontist can sound overwhelming!

Can braces move out of place?

Teeth Can Move Once Braces Are Off Since your teeth no longer have the pressure once treatment is complete, there is a normal settling process that occurs. In some cases, these tiny shifts can actually improve the bite even more.

What happens if you want to switch orthodontist?

When you transfer offices you should expect to have to remove your current braces. You will need to have new braces bonded or start fresh with new aligners. One of the more common misconceptions in orthodontics is that all braces and treatments are the same. There are many different types of braces.

What happens if you move in the middle of orthodontic treatment?

If the move is a significant distance, they likely will have to find a new orthodontist to continue their treatment. In my experience, the majority of these “transfer” scenarios proceed smoothly. There are times though, that this transition does not go as planned for the family.

Will a different orthodontist remove braces?

Legally, yes: your general dentist is capable and authorized to remove your braces. In this video, Diamond Braces orthodontist Dr. Arianna Papasikos explains why it’s preferable to see a licensed orthodontist for braces removal.

How long can you go without tightening your braces?

Can I skip 2 to 3 months of orthodontic adjustments? Yes- you can go a few months without an orthodontic adjustment, and it will not cause any damage to your teeth. It may, however, add 2 to 3 months to your treatment time. Orthodontic wires can continue to straighten teeth for several months after being placed.