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Can cars drop off at bus stops?

Can cars drop off at bus stops?

You cannot drop people off at bus stops. Although lots of people have been doing so, it is just illegal to do so. This includes taxis, so don’t drop people off at bus stops. Instead, you can drop them off at the road side away from bus stops.

Can you drop someone off in a bus lane?

Bus lane rules and restrictions Private Hire Vehicles can pick up or drop off passengers in a bus lane even if they are not normally allowed to drive in it.

Is it permitted to stop in order to unload items at the bus stop?

Stopping, for example, to load and unload items usually involves you leaving the car there for several minutes and thereby obstructing buses, which is not permitted. (Note that it does not matter how fast the unloading takes, it is still prohibited.)

WHEN CAN bus lanes be used?

Most bus lanes operate at peak times only (typically 7.30am to 9.30am or 3.30pm to 6.00pm on Monday to Friday). Outside the hours of operation the lanes can be used by all traffic. The legislation for most bus lanes allows permitted taxis, motorcycles and bicycles to use bus lanes.

Can I drop off passengers on double yellow lines?

It’s OK to stop briefly on double yellow lines to do so, but you must be continuously loading or unloading the whole time you’re parked. You can pull over on double yellow lines to drop off or pick somebody up, as long as there are no stopping restrictions.

Can you get fined for stopping in a taxi rank?

Private hire vehicles must never stop or wait in taxi ranks, or the driver will be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice and potentially licensing action.

What happens if you accidentally go in a bus lane?

The typical penalty for driving in a bus lane is £130 in London and £70 outside the capital. Drivers who pay promptly can have their fine reduced by half. Many won’t know they’ve made a mistake until a brown paper envelope containing a penalty notice is dropped through their letterbox.

Can bus stops be moved?

Bus stops can be moved , apply to the bus co. You have a legal right to access to the highway [ adopted only ] from your property. If you get through these hurdles, you will have to get separate permission to have a drop kerb in the path [ some councils do it ] Some will allow a certified contractor [ NRASWA cert.

How close to a bus stop can you legally park?

Within 20m before and 10m after a bus stop or pedestrian crossing. Within 10m before and three metres after a marked foot crossing with traffic signals. On a railway level crossing or within 20m before and 20m after it.

What does no stopping mean on a bus?

No stopping means you can’t even stop. No standing means you can stop, and drop off persons or goods, but once you have you immediately have to move on. jasonc writes… No, bus zone = no stopping zone for anyone except buses (and taxis)

Is it illegal to drop someone off at a bus stop?

Operation or not, still cannot stop at bus-stop. It is at their mercy to issue the love letter for those who do it. That’s d rule. I don’t make it. Go & complaint 2 ur MP. Only ur MP can change d rule. I dun see why we cannot stop at Bus Stop to alight someone.

Do you have to stop to pick up passengers?

You must not stop or park during the hours shown on the sign, unless dropping off or picking up goods in a truck over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM). Any vehicle can stop to pick up or drop off passengers. Restrictions may apply for certain times, as shown on the sign. Truck zone to the left of the sign.

Can a vehicle stop in a bus zone?

The justification is that if other vehicles can stop in bus zones it prevents the bus from pulling in and that creates a safety hazard. But you get booked even if there’s no bus. Gordon writes… You seem to have the same confusion about “no stopping” versus “no standing” a lot of people do. No stopping means you can’t even stop.

Is it illegal to stop behind a bus stop?

There’s been a couple of rare instances where a driver of another transit bus approaching a bus stop has expressed anger towards the passenger vehicle drivers for stopping behind an already stopped bus. What I mean is: A bus stop was located just across from the intersection.

Is there a bus stop at an intersection?

What I mean is: A bus stop was located just across from the intersection. A transit bus was stopped at the stop, to load/unload passengers. Behind the bus, there were two passenger vehicles stopped. Now, another transit bus has approached the bus stop from behind.

Can you drop off kids at a bus stop?

If the rule says you can’t park at a bus stop, then you weren’t parking, only unloading. But if the rule says no stopping, then you stopped. Look at a converse situation: you are obliged to stop at a STOP sign. But even half a second still counts as “stopping”. Ahhh but the OP was dropping off two children.

Can a taxi pick up at a bus stop?

London Taxi drivers are entitled to pick up and drop off at bus stops, passengers are allowed to take as long as is reasonable to alight, The exception being the bus stops outside Kings Cross, Liverpool St and Victoria station these bus stops have a double thickness red route line