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Can a learner driver drive on an expressway?

Can a learner driver drive on an expressway?

Learner drivers, public light buses, special purpose vehicles and any vehicle with an engine capacity under 125cc are not allowed to use an expressway, unless prior permission has been obtained from the Commissioner for Transport. The rules below are generally applicable to trunk roads and those which are designated as expressways:

What are the rules for driving on an expressway?

These rules are made to enhance road safety and to maintain smooth traffic flow along the expressways. Keep to the nearside lane of an expressway unless you are heading for an offside exit or you are overtaking another vehicle, and overtake only on the offside of the other vehicle.

Is it safe to drive on expressways and trunk roads?

When driving on expressways and trunk roads, your speed may be higher than you think. You may not only underestimate the stopping distance for your actual speed but also easily exceed the speed limit. Although you may feel safe, you must not exceed the speed limit for the road, or for your vehicle.

Do you have to U-turn on an expressway?

You must not U-turn or reverse your vehicle on an expressway. You must not stop or park your vehicle on any part of an expressway except for breakdown or emergency, and in these situations, you must turn on the hazard warning lights, and if possible drive off the carriageway and stop on the verge or hard shoulder.

Is it safe to drive on the expressway?

Driving in a heightened state of anxiety will cause fatigue and will cause you to make more driving errors. During dry conditions, driving on the expressway is actually quite safe most of the time. However, adverse weather conditions can change that in a hurry.

When to adjust your speed on the expressway?

When you are merging onto the expressway, the most important thing to remember is that YOU need to adjust YOUR speed to the traffic you are merging into. As soon as you possibly can (even at the top of the on-ramp), judge what the traffic is like on the expressway.

Where was the accident on the Edens Expressway?

Outbound Edens Crash At Keeler Snarls Traffic Tuesday Morning A crash on the outbound Edens Expressway Tuesday morning at Keeler Avenue has snarled traffic, with the jam backed up to the Kennedy Expressway, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

What should you do when traffic merges on an expressway?

When you are on the expressway and traffic is merging into your lane, make sure you make a decision early. If there are a lot of vehicles merging at the same time, the best option may be to change lanes. If this is not possible, you should “find a hole” and commit.