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Can a landlord evict a tenant if there are mice in the House?

Can a landlord evict a tenant if there are mice in the House?

If a tenant doesn’t do this then a landlord can, eventually, claim they aren’t keeping the property clean enough and refuse to do any more pest control until they do. If the mess is bad enough, it can also be grounds for eviction. In short: both the tenant and landlord need to work together.

How much does it cost to rent a hive of bees?

Almond growers are currently paying $175 to $200 for a strong hive of bees, Smith said. A strong hive is one that has 10 to 12 frames of bees and brood and about 40,000 bees in the hive.

Can a tenant leave a garden in a rental property?

Even if a garden planted by a tenant is considered to add value to a home, landlords are within their rights to ask the garden be returned to its original state when a lease ends. Pot plants make it possible to have a garden which you can take when you leave a rental property.

Can a tenant hang pictures on the wall?

Most landlords will consider picture hooks a “minor alteration” and permission is usually granted. Many tenancy agreements state that tenants are not able to hang pictures via alternative methods such as Blu Tack, washi tape and adhesive hooks.

When to remove a beehive from a wall?

Once you have all the supplies you’ll need, you’ll have to consider the best time to remove the hive from the wall. Although honeybees are less active in winter, making it a good time to remove them, the exposure to freezing temperatures can kill the bees, which you’ll want to prevent.

What can I do to keep bees away from my rental property?

Reducing outdoor clutter can also prevent bees from nesting around your rental property. Any unused appliances or lawn equipment found in your backyard can attract bees because they provide sufficient shelter for a hive to thrive.

Is it dangerous to have a beehive in Your House?

All this considered, it’s one thing to want bees to thrive in the wild but it’s quite another to have a beehive in your actual home. Despite the fact that bees are not dangerous themselves, if they are provoked, they can sting. This can be painful at best and fatal at worst, especially for people with allergies.

What to do if you find a beehive on your property?

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