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Can a k12 student get a loaner computer?

Can a k12 student get a loaner computer?

K12 ships loaner computers to students who qualify per their school’s eligibility requirements. Please note that not all K12 schools provide computers to their students. Computer eligibility is discussed during the enrollment process.

How do you check out a loaner laptop?

Provide each borrower with the laptop check-out form. If you’re using an electronic system, you need to print out the form and have the borrower sign it. Have your employees explain your loaner policy.

How to get a computer loan at MIT?

Students: There are two equipment loan programs for MIT Students. For all students: Request a laptop, hotspot, and/or other peripherals. Log in using Touchstone and complete the computing equipment loan request for students.

Can a graduate student use an iPad loaner bundle?

For undergraduate students and graduate students working as TAs only: IS offers an iPad loaner bundle for use during the academic year. The request form is now closed, and will be made available again before the start of the fall term. Requests received to date have been fulfilled.

What to do if you need a loaner laptop?

If you require a loaner laptop, but feel your needs don’t match the criteria referenced above, you may e-mail the Helpdesk at [email protected]. University standard software installed along with SPSS and Adobe Acrobat Sensitive material should not be stored on the loaner machines for University security purposes.

How to reserve a laptop at Richmond University?

To reserve a laptop, call the helpdesk at 287-6400 or email [email protected] . Provide us with your name, the dates that you will need the laptop (from the day you will pickup the computer to the day you will return it, two week maximum), the purpose of your request for the laptop, and the type of laptop that you prefer (Mac or Windows).

How long are laptops available for check out?

Program parameters include – Laptops are available for checkout only if they are in inventory. Laptops are available for periods of one day to a maximum of two weeks. They must be returned on time in order to maintain acceptable inventory levels. Laptops may be checked out for the following reasons –