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Can a juvenile be prosecuted as an adult?

Can a juvenile be prosecuted as an adult?

Juvenile Prosecution While crimes committed by juveniles can be prosecuted by the federal government, they are cases usually handled by state and city courts. Defendants in a juvenile criminal case have the same rights as an adult and some additional rights.

What is the typical juvenile court case process?

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has published material charting the flow of the typical juvenile court case process. As many cases are processed informally, and court decisions are highly individualized, the model “case flow” is rather general; however, the basic procedures described are standard nationwide.

What do you call the initial hearing in juvenile court?

A portion of the “initial hearing,” interchangeable with the term “presentment,” in which the youth is brought to court and read the formal charges against him or her that are alleged in the petition. This is the stage at which a juvenile must admit or deny the charges.

How do young law violators enter the juvenile justice system?

Young law violators generally enter the juvenile justice system through law enforcement… Even within States, case processing often varies from community to community depending on local practice and tradition. Consequently, any description of juvenile justice processing must be general, outlining a common series of decision points.

How are juvenile prosecutors involved in the criminal justice debate?

In the debate over the direction of juvenile justice, have juvenile prosecutors simply assumed we are criminal prosecutors who happen to deal with young criminals, or have we had the imagination to view ourselves as something different?

Can a juvenile case be tried in Criminal Court?

In such situations the prosecutor is generally given the liberty to decide where the case will be tried. Most cases involving juveniles fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. However, in some states, laws have been instituted that require particularly egregious offenses to be tried in criminal court.

Why are juvenile prosecutors underfunded and underworked?

Creative juvenile prosecutors must push legislators to fund appropriate early intervention. Jurisdictions that are still able to devote time to individual misdemeanor offenders should be happy to do so rather than assuming their prosecutors are underworked.

Who is the Texas Attorney General for juvenile justice?

Juvenile Justice Handbook 5 Office of the Attorney General. Delinquent conduct is conduct, other than a traffic offense, that violates a criminal law of Texas or of the United States and is punishable by imprisonment or by confinement in jail.