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Can a criminal open a cell phone account in Your Name?

Can a criminal open a cell phone account in Your Name?

There are a number of things you can do to keep criminals from opening or using a cell-phone account in your name. Most cell-phone service providers have security measures, such as PINs, that can prevent unauthorized people from using your account. But these steps are often voluntary.

What does it mean to have a phony cell phone account?

Known as cell-phone account fraud, it’s when crooks open up a phony cell-phone account in your name and use it to access your bank account, sign up for credit cards, or sell the phone number for other criminals to use.

Can a company wipe your phone without your consent?

… the employer may wipe the device clean without your consent Check your company policy. Most will indicate the employer has the right to wipe your device of all data at any time — and they often can do it remotely, said Esteban Mata, an IT expert who has worked at Fortune 500 companies.

What happens when you pay your cell phone at a different address?

Instead of using your real address, criminals have the cell-phone bill sent to a different address. Once the account is established, they use the phone and pay their cell-phone bills long enough to establish a credit history. Then the criminals apply for credit cards and loans in your name, exposing you up to a mountain of bills.

Why does my husband have access to my text messages?

We are going through a very ugly divorce and he says he legally has access to my text messages and can monitor my calls, texts , voicemails, location, and basically anything he wants to. Says he pays the bill. I feel this is an intrusion of privacy and I never signed a consent form allowing him to do this. I also had it password protected.

Can a husband be charged for accessing his wife’s Gmail account?

Second, there was evidence that defendant acted without authorization when he accessed his estranged wife’s Gmail account. Defendant’s wife testified that her Gmail account was a personal account and that she never shared her passwords for the account with defendant or granted him permission to access the account.

What kind of records do cell phone companies keep?

The records kept by wireless phone companies about the use of cell phones are immense and very detailed. Wireless companies keep records about when and where a phone call is made, when text messages are sent and received, and when data is transferred. Obtaining Phone Records: Subpoena or Account Holder Request

What to do if someone has access to your account?

If you can revoke access for any devices that have previously logged into your account, do that. It never hurts to be safe. Also, this is a great way to see if someone else has managed to access your account even after you’ve changed your passwords. If so, it’s time to get craftier.